'DALI E-12 °F Active Subwoofer 250 W – Subwoofers/Black Casing (Active Subwoofer, 250 W, 28 – 190 120 Hz, 25000 Hz, 40 OHM, 30.5 cm (12))

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Brand: DALI

Color: Black


  • Auto On/Off
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Binding: Electronics

Publisher: Dali

Release Date: 10-09-2019

Details: A solid 170W of Class-D amplification is ample for even the largest room, and a downward-firing reflex port adds fixed-boundary reinforcement. What Hi-Fi Sound & Vision magazine. Part of the 5-star Fanon team Partnered with the Dali Fanon 3 system, the E-12F subwoofer helped secure the system a five-star review in What Hi-Fi magazine. Considered one of the finest budget subwoofers from Dali in some time, the E-12F certainly doesn't want for critical praise. Aluminium cone Featuring a aluminium woofer unit, the Dali E-12F is capable of moving a great deal of air with piston-like efficiency. Aluminium is extremely light yet rigid, ensuring that the E-12F is both quick to respond yet also subtle enough to provide a textured bass response. Attached to the cone you'll find a quad layer voice coil and large magnet for great bass control and long term reliability. 170W of bass power, and looking fine With its built-in Class D digital amplifier, the E12F produces an immense 170W. This provides the bass cone with a powerful, well-balanced sound that works well even in the largest of rooms. On the rear panel of the E-12F you'll find controls for volume, phase and frequency cut-off. There's also the option of auto power on/off, while for a clean, purposeful look, the E-12F uses magnetic grille fixing for smooth lines when removed. With Danish style and sound, the E12F is one thumping good subwoofer.

Package Dimensions: 18.7 x 17.8 x 16.3 inches