E-Twow Booster GT 2020 Pack Security | Ice Helmet + Accessories | Grey Anthracite

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Brand: E-Twow

Color: Grey


  • IC Electric and E-Twow present the new booster GT 2020 with pack security exclusive ICe helmet + handle and carry strap. Three colours of helmets available, will be shipped based on stock. Lithium ion 48V - 10.5Ah battery with a charge time of only 4 and a half hours.
  • Includes rear drum brake with built-in reflector and standal.DC Brushless 700w motor. The braking function: regenerative braking system on front wheel and rear drum brake on rear wheel.
  • High quality folding electric scooter with autonomy from 35 to 45 km and maximum speed of 40 km/h. With 12.3kg it is the lightest high performance electric scooter on the market. Extremely durable aluminium chassis with anti-corrosion treatment.
  • Throttle buttons on the right and left brake control. Headlight with 6 powerful LEDs. KERS Technology (kinetic energy recovery system): Electromagnetic brake allows the recovery of braking energy, which converts into electricity and recharges the battery.
  • Display with function command: speed, km, temperature, battery charge percentage, headlight lighting.Can carry up to 110 kg.

Details: This latest model of E-TWOW has a 48V and 10.5Ah battery plus other new features that will make this model, the scooter desired by all. With it, all your transportation needs will be covered and you will get into the new generation of E-TWOW scooters with more safety and reliability. There are many renewed aspects in this new GT Booster that will make it even more interesting: - Rear drum brake: for added safety, this new version incorporates the drum brake on the rear wheel. - Orange reflectors on the sides of the rear wheel: for increased visibility during night driving, incorporates side reflectors. - Goat Leg: In addition to the patented system to hold the E-TWOW, this new model incorporates a goat leg. - Longer platform: driving stability has been improved thanks to the modification on the platform making it longer. Also noteworthy that the rubber from which it is made will allow it to be cleaned with greater comfort as well as achieving greater grip during driving. - Lightness: with the new E-TWOW you can continue to enjoy the lightness and maneuverability that the brand offers. You can reach up to 40km/h with a scooter of just 12.3kg. - Power: The new GT Booster offers more power that will allow you to climb slopes easily thanks to its improved 48V and 10.5Ah battery. - Battery life: 10.5Ah built-in battery providing an approximate range of 35 to 45 km. - Front and rear side reflectors: The Booster GT has 4 reflectors, 2 on each side, so that it will increase your visibility and thus your safety. - Solid tyres: Patented rubber coated polyurethane air free that also improves performance on wet roads. Their main advantage is that they can not be deflated or printed, so they should not be replaced very often.