E-Twow S2 BOOSTER GT 48V Electric scooter BLACK

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Brand: E-Twow

Color: Black


  • Lithium ion battery 48V - 10.5 Ah with a charging time of only 4 hours
  • Brushless 700w DC motor.
  • High quality folding electric scooter with autonomy of 35 to 45km and maximum speed of 40km / h. With 11.9kg it is the lightest high performance electric scooter on the market.
  • Extremely resistant aluminum chassis with anticorrosive treatment.
  • Braking function: regenerative braking system in front wheel and traditional emergency brake in rear wheel.

Publisher: E-twow

Details: Longer platform: driving stability has been improved thanks to the modification in the platform making it longer and with greater grip. Also, note that the rubber of which it is made will allow it to be cleaned more comfortably. Lightness: with the new E-TWOW you can continue enjoying the lightness and maneuverability that the brand offers. You can reach up to 40km / h with a scooter of only 11.9kg. Power: the new Booster GT offers more power that will allow you to easily climb slopes thanks to its improved 48V and 10.5Ah battery that will also offer you the necessary autonomy for your daily journeys. Front and rear side reflectors: The Booster GT has 4 reflectors, 2 on each side, making it easier to see and therefore increases your safety in traffic. Cushioning: The Booster GT has front and rear cushioning for the most comfortable ride possible.