Fit4Home TF-1007 Cable crossover machine Olympic Multi Gym equipment Home Workout Station 150kg weights home gym free weights cast iron rope exercise

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  • 150 kg maximum resistance. Low rowing. Triceps press. Ideal for creating your own home gym. Great alternative to having just a weight bench or weights. This multi-gym combines lots of exercises making it easier to work different muscle groups
  • Let pull down. Single ratio cable Pulley system. Sturdy and durable construction cable crossover
  • Multi-functional main frame: heavy-duty steel tube weight plates: PVC, cement. The item comes packed in 7 boxes so the home gym can be delivered easier. 6 boxes are weights and the third box is the main frame of the multi-gym. 1 year free warranty with gym on parts and labour
  • Set up size: 256 w x 61 d x 206 H cm floor space: 4-5 ㎡ Max user weight: 100 kg total box weight: 211 kg Self-assembly. 8 pieces
  • UK mainland delivery only

Binding: Sports

Publisher: Fit4Home

Details: Perform a range of exercises including arm curl, seated row, pull-ups, shoulder Press, standing row, close row, hip abductor and wood choppers. The F4H tf-1007 150 kg Cable crossover home machine equipment pull up multi station includes triceps rope, seated row/chin bar, let bar, revolving straight bar, 2 x nylon cable handles and 2 x snap-lock hooks. Improve your triceps with triceps pull-down and overhead triceps lifts. Target your biceps with arm curls. Lets you Improve Your back with standing and close row exercises As well as the chin up and let pull down bars. Perform wood choppers to target your ABS and oblique's and use the cables to focus on your pectoral with cable fly's and chest press exercises. Ideal complete body work out. The multi gym is ideal for building up all muscle groups and the heavier weights allow a more progressive exercise. Much more effective workout in comparison to using a weight bench or free weight.