FK head lights exchange lights front lights headlamp FKFSFO011017

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Brand: FK Automotive

Color: chrome


  • headlight Ford Focus 2 Typ C307 Yr. 08-10 chrome - Yr. 2008 to 2010 Colour: chrome - with LED indicators - with ECU - E-Approved road legal  - design headlight set (left+right)
  • color: chrome
  • Hersteller: FK-Automotive
  • KBA: 8566AOF, 8566AOG, 8566AOH, 8566APR, 8566APS, 8566AQB, 8566AQJ, 8566AQP, 8566AQQ, 8566AQV, 8566ATM, 8566ATN, 8566AUA
  • Position: left + right (Set)

Binding: Automotive

Publisher: FK Automotive GmbH

Details: headlight Ford Focus 2 Typ C307 Yr. 08-10 chrome With FK Automotive they have a large selection of designer lamps in different colors and different technical designs. We have design headlights for Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW, Fiat, Ford, Honda, Mercedes, Opel, VW and many other car brands in our range. We continually bring new designs, colors and types for many makes and models on the market. FK headlight design has the latest in top quality at fair prices. FK Design headlamps are characterized by outstanding optical quality and sharp. Inform them in our online shop are also available for their intended design vehicle headlights. Our headlights match the mounting dimensions of 1 are supplied to its original one headlight and all cables and the connection material. The installation of the lights is done with a few simple steps and can be performed without special tools. Bring your car an exclusive and dynamic appearance, with FK design lighting, they stand out with their vehicle from the crowd. Most of our design headlights have an E-mark and are therefore free registration. So you have no additional expense, and must not drive your vehicle technical inspection or other testing. Thus they may arise for no additional cost. Design Headlights are great for optical tuning because they are easy to retrofit and have a high style factor. You can also combine the spotlight with other tuning parts from our online shop, we offer lighting in the area including turn signals, tail lights, LED taillights, etc. with which they can customize their car. Yr. 2008 to 2010 Colour: chrome with LED indicators with ECU E Approved road legal design headlight set (left+right) Variant: Design Headlights Admission: with approval car brand: Ford car type: Focus 2 (C307)

EAN: 4052078449768

Package Dimensions: 27.4 x 23.2 x 12.4 inches