Gymnastic Equipment Outdoor Turn Station FitTop “Climbing Island” Climbing Frame Children Sports Equipment for Garden with Pull Up Bar incl. Gymnastic Rings Climbing Rope Climbing Net

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Brand: Niro Sportgeräte


  • TESTED SAFETY - You do not have to worry about the quality and safety of our climbing frames and wall bars, because they are tested according to DIN EN 71-8: 2006-09: CERTIFICATE: TÜV NORD TÜV/GS
  • HIGH QUALITY - The climbing frames from Niro Sportgeräte GmbH are also used in schools, kindergartens and gymnasiums, because they have an exceptionally high quality and durability. Our sports and fitness equipment is made in Germany exclusively from high quality, environmentally friendly, harmless, CFC-free materials. Made in Germany - a seal of quality known worldwide, that we are proud of!
  • WARRANTY - You can count on the quality of Niro Sportgeräte GmbH! If you make use of the warranty due to a manufacturing defect, we will replace the product for you free of charge and fast. We are at your disposal for any questions and requests!

Publisher: Niro Sportgeräte

Details: Climbing frame for the outdoor area with Pull Up Bar incl. Gymnastic Rings, Climbing Rope and Climbing Net Just 4.5 square meters, you can set up the device in the garden or on a flat surface outdoors. Simply put the individual elements together, assemble them with the existing connecting elements and cast in the feet. Suitable climbing frames for small (from 3 years) and also for larger children. Promote the physical development of your child The lack of exercise has long since reached the nursery. In a time dominated by computer games, television and game consoles, a healthy movement is falling behind. Children must once again discover the joy of healthy exercise. Especially when the demands increase in the school, the physical balance is important. Obesity, as well as heart, circulatory and spinal diseases can otherwise be the result. The researchers found that after just 6 months of daily 10-minute exercise on the children's sports equipment to improve the overall physical condition, posture, appetite and sleep of the child is observed. With our playground equipment, muscles and joints are strengthened, balance and reaction skills are trained and the metabolism is set in motion. Details: Length (above): 200 cm Width: 60 cm Height: 200 cm (over the earth) Weight: 70 kg Width of the metal rungs: 57 cm Required mounting surface: 4,5 m² Max. Loading of the climbing frame: 130 kg Max. Load of hanging devices: 80 kg Delivery: Metal top frame Ladder Pull Up Bar Parallel bars Stand for setting in concrete Climbing Net Gymnastic Rings Climbing Rope Mounting accessories Operation manual