Haya Radio Remote Control Tank Model 1/16 Chieftain (Pro Version ) RTR -- Barrel Recoil AND BB Shooting AND Infra Red Battle

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Brand: Haya

Edition: Pro


  • Metal Tracks + Metal Gearbox + Metal Driving Wheels + Metal Iders + Metal Track Tensioner
  • BB Shooting with Barrel Recoil.
  • Proportional Smoking Function.
  • Control able Search Light & Commander Light & Front Light.
  • Open able Tool Boxes and Storage Boxes.

Binding: Toy

Publisher: China

Details: The British Chieftain – designed in the late 1950s as the replacement for the Centurion – was perhaps the best main battle tank in service with NATO during the 1960s and 1970s. Its 120mm rifled main gun and advanced armour made it one of the most formidable tanks of its time. Although it was intended to fight Soviet armour on the plains of northern Germany, it was in the heat and sand of the Middle East that the Chieftain fought its major battles during the Iran–Iraq War of the 1980s, and it proved to be very effective during the Gulf War of 1991. Haya Chieftain tank model is a Ready - to - Run version ( not a kit version , no need to build up ), with its numerous and featured functions , like realistic search lighting and commander lighting is control able On / Off from the transmitter , and vivid proportional smoking function ( the faster tank goes, the more smoking generated ) , makes this model like a real one on the battle field ! All Horstman suspension wheels and the idler run on bearings for reduced friction and smooth operation. BB shooting with PROPER barrel recoil ( NOT track jerk recoiling ) . Vivid Smoking. Selectable Sounds of Engine & Machine Gun. Lights Control of Search Light & Commader Light IR Battle & Hatches Open. Transmitter and Tank Battery Included. Tank Figures Not Included , need to purchase separately.