"M2" Wall bars climbing scaffolding Yellow

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Color: Yellow


  • "M2" Wall bars Yellow, Climbing scaffolding , Gymnastic wall child sport device
  • The original of NiRo Sport GmbH
  • Checked to German Institute for Standardization EN 71-8: In 2006-09

Publisher: Niro-Sport GmbH

Details: For the private and public area "FitTop M2"- this is a sports device for a harmonious development to children and adults. The simplicity and dependability of the construction allows a quick construction and dismantling of any configuration. The device M² is fastened on the wall. The child sport device is determined for training of the children under domestic conditions. It is a construction from pipes which is stretched between ground and cover and can be built easily together and apart. The researchers have found out that already after 6 months with everyday minute exercises 10 in the child sport device an improvement of the general physical state, the posture, the appetite and the sleep of the child is to be observed. The suitable mats you find by www.niro-sport.de.

EAN: 4260303951461

Package Dimensions: 41.7 x 13.8 x 6.3 inches