Maps International Large World Wall Map (physical) - white ocean Vector (digital)

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Brand: Maps International

Color: Vector (Digital)


  • Size: 1360mm (w) x 840mm (h)
  • Approximate Scale: 1:30m

Binding: Kitchen & Home

Publisher: Maps International

Details: Maps International's large world physical wall map with white ocean is a high quality map which is a fantastic representation of the world's physical terrain. Map details: This contemporary large physical world wall map features the natural terrain of the land as well as the different physical areas and is the perfect addition to the home. Country borders and major cities are shown. The map's key helps to identify the different land terrain. The map contains hill and sea shading making the map appear almost 3D. Map uses: As with most of our maps, the large world physical wall map, is available in a range of finishes making it suitable for a variety of locations. One of our most popular world maps - a great centre piece for any school room or office. Or pop it on the wall at home for when you need a reference guide - you will be surprised how often you use it!