Metal Gear Solid - Metal Gear REX (ABS&PVC&POM Figure)

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Brand: threeA


  • Metal Gear Solid - Metal Gear REX (ABS&PVC&POM Figure)

Binding: Toy

Publisher: threeA

Details: "Bipedal nuclear-tank, Metal Gear REX" popular stealth action game from "Metal Gear Solid", bipedal nuclear-tank "Metal Gear REX" comes from threeA. In addition to the huge overall height of about 360mm even wait postural, and faithfully reproduced settings such as the rail gun multi-barreled cannon, anti-tank missiles, laser cannons, nuclear attack, and it is to finish with a feeling of weight. Emission of light and rail gun, cockpit opening and closing function, removable armor parts, etc., a variety of gimmick is equipped. Please fully enjoy threeA version of their own art director Yoji Shinkawa is the creator of the "Metal Gear REX" and "MGS" series supervised, pulled attention to detail such as the expression of the detail the "Metal Gear REX".

Package Dimensions: 21.7 x 20.2 x 18.1 inches