RoboSea Underwater subaquatic electric scooter Seaflyer 1.0 45 Depth meters 2 Speed Functioning 60 min diving beach summer vacation sea freestyle adult child accessories Yellow 64116015

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Brand: RoboSea

Color: yellow


  • Its unique design makes it easy to float and simple to use
  • You can also learn the parameters like depth, temperature, battery capacity on the OLED dashboard at any time
  • The optimal angle of the propellers provides super experience for users who are swimming beginners or with wider physiques
  • With its powerful energy, users can relax and enjoy swimming and diving easily
  • Sport camera interface: the interface on the bottom of SeaFlyer is for GoPro mounting to capture every exciting moment while you're enjoying in the water

Publisher: RoboSea



  • 60 minutes of operating time (1stspeed) and 40 mins (2ndspeed)
  • 2 speeds3.7and 6.6 km/h
  • 45 meters maximum depth
  • Charging time 3 hours
  • Lightweight3,6kg
  • Dimensions:510 x 167 x 275 mm
  • Note: For children and adults, minors must be accompanied by adults
  • You can also buy an additional battery

Comes with the package:

  • Scooter SeaFlyer 1.0
  • Battery 
  • Charger
  • Anti-Lost Lanyard
  • Instruction


  • Powerful water jets with hydrodynamic thrust improve your maneuverability in the water. 
  • Props are angled to push the water jet stream away from the swimmer to provide a smooth/comfortable experience


  • OLED Dashboard provides you with sensor data such as speed level, depth, temperature, and battery status

How it works:

  • Easy to set up: Simply put the battery in the battery cabin and fix the cover, then it's ready to go
  • To start SeaFlyer, unlock the safety lock and push the button on both handles, SeaFlyer will automatically start
  • Integrated OLED Dashboard provides you with sensor data such as speed level, depth, temperature, and battery status
  • Enjoy swimming for periods of up to 60 minutes on a single charge 
  • It uses techs like positive buoyancy which makes it float automatically, and battery short-circuits protection 
  • Equipped with an anti-lost lanyard
  • Water and rust resistant 
  • With its quiet 50 decibel motor, you will enjoy the company of all ocean life without disturbing it

Package Dimensions: 26.0 x 15.4 x 9.4 inches