Star Wars Super Deluxe Imperial At-at (all Terrain Armored Transport)

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Brand: Star Wars


  • Over 2 feet Tall
  • Includes AT-AT Driver
  • Includes Speeder Bike
  • Electronic Lights, Sounds and Phrases
  • Holds up to 19 more figures (Additional figures sold seperately)

Binding: Toy

Publisher: Hasbro

Release Date: 16-08-2010

Details: Product Description The Imperial All Terrain Armored Transport (AT-AT) walker moves across the frozen Hoth landscape toward Echo Base, the Rebel Alliance’s headquarters. This huge transport and combat vehicle is armed with powerful side-mounted blasters and laser chin guns. A command crew operates the AT-AT from the control room in the vehicle’s head. In the body of the vehicle, a transport area can hold speeder bikes and stormtroopers. During the Battle of Hoth, a squadron of Rebel snowspeeders led by Luke Skywalker manages to bring down one of these behemoths by entangling its legs in a tow cable. Unleash a battle of intergalactic proportions with this detailed vehicle, Speeder Bike vehicle and AT-AT Driver figure. Press the button to lower the rappelling platform, attach the figure and press the button to retract the rappelling line. Once your figure is back inside, mount him on the Speeder Bike vehicle and deploy it from the back of your AT-AT vehicle. If additional manpower is needed, your vehicle even holds up to 19 more figures. (Additional figures sold separately.) Light-up reciprocating chin guns, a light-up command section, battle and vehicle sounds and firing side-mounted blasters bring the excitement of the intergalactic saga straight to your living room. Box Contains 1 x AT-AT Vehicle, 1 x Speeder Bike vehicle, 1 x AT-AT Driver figure, launchers, projectiles, 1 x label sheet, 1 x instructions.

Package Dimensions: 25.7 x 14.9 x 8.2 inches