The King in Yellow

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Brand: Fantasy Flight Games


  • 2-4 hrs
  • Playing Time
  • - 8
  • Number of Players

Binding: Toy

Genre: Action & Dexterity

Publisher: Arkham Horror

Details: Product Description This expansion to the Arkham Horror Series, introduces a major new mechanic to the game -- Heralds, who prepare the way for the Ancient One to arrive. In addition, old familiar faces will be turned against the investigators in ways they never expected. Featuring over 160 new cards, The King in Yellow heralds a darker age for Arkham Horror fans. Box Contains 79 Investigator Cards
19 Common Item Cards
22 Unique Item Cards
15 Spell Cards
13 Blight Cards
7 Magical Effect Cards
90 Ancient One Cards
36 Arkham Location Cards
24 Gate Cards
27 Mythos Cards
3 Act Cards
1 Herald Sheet (The King in Yellow)
10 Yellow Sign Tokens
3 Riot Monster Markers

Package Dimensions: 7.5 x 5.1 x 1.7 inches

Languages: English