Yamaha Electric Bike Battery, 500 Watts, 36 V / 13.8 Ah, PW and PW Drive

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  • Your best friend, when the power drops.
  • Can be left on the bike whilst charging - not in frosty conditions.
  • Compatibility: All Yamaha e-bikes built in 2014 are also compatible with the new Yamaha 500 Wh e-bike battery.
  • Data: 36 V / 500 Wh / 13.8 Ah.

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Details: This Yamaha battery provides your bike with 500 Watt hours (Wh) for your Yamaha PW or PW-X centre-mounted motor with an operating voltage of 36 volts. If your pedelec or electric bike is equipped with a PW or PW-X drive, you can simply affix the downtube battery to the bike. It is slim and and has no sharp edges which could injure you if you were to accidentally hit the battery while cycling. This also means that it blends in with your bicycle's structure as discreetly as possible. 4 LEDs on the battery let you know its charge status, which you can boost at home by charging using the mains power supply, so that it can provide you with reliable support when pedalling. The lithium-ion battery weighs just 2.9 kg and a key mechanism at the narrow end of its holder stops it from falling out or being stolen. A special feature is its built-in protection against the kind of hard shocks that always occur when you are riding a bike. This 36-Volt, 500-Wh battery has a service life of two years (up to 700 charging cycles).