ZOIDS RZ-001 Gojulas [amount-limited production (1/72 scale plastic kit)

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Brand: Kotobukiya Co., Ltd.


  • body size: (width) b> (Height) about 322mm x (total length) about 513.5mm x 195mm about
  • target gender: b> unisex
  • Age: b> from the age of 15
  • The main production country: b> China
  • (C) TOMY ZOIDS is a trademark of TOMY Company, Ltd. And used under license.

Binding: Toy

Publisher: Kotobukiya Co., Ltd.

Details: Scale 1 /72 Model number ZD080 Yes prefabricated Dinosaur Zoids which is symbolic gauntlet give gifts to Zoids fan of the main plastic material all ! Of " ZOIDS " is finally in the HMM!! I am proud of HMM biggest size , full kit volume of about 513.5mm × width of about 195mm Height approx 322mm × total length is sufficient response to make . I produced the aim of high detail and moving to surpass by far the HMM series of past commercialization was determined by Zoids public planning meeting " RZ-001 Gojulas " . As HMM, can be aggressive poses by the proportions that are arranged more aggressive ! Such that it can reproduce the strong fight scene and roar , joint of each part we will moving to flexible . Is characteristic of Gojulas up , tail elongated to the rear is a portion that is arranged most of the tip " AMD30mm beam gun " can , it is provided on the left and right to be stored in the internal hatch unfolds " Makthar 30mm multi-purpose machine gun " is equipped with a folding gimmick . In addition, it is also possible to change the length of your choice tail because there is a shaft of the same diameter ( anchor appendages ) other than one milestone . Decal , such as marking and the Republic emblem will come with further Please enjoy to your heart's content all means appropriate super-large items to round out the 30th anniversary of the birth Zoids .

Package Dimensions: 25.2 x 17.3 x 9.4 inches